Upcoming FFXIV: ARR Beta Weekend?

This “should” be the final Phase of Beta 3, before we transition to Open Beta which would be 3-4 weeks away.

We don’t have a exact date for when this Phase will finish as of right now, it’s implied that it will be longer than a weekend, due to previous SquareEnix reports, but still we don’t have an official confirmation.


So what will I be doing for this Phase?

Truth, I don’t know yet. I still have a First Impression post on crafting left to do, which I haven’t started because I’ve been busy at work . I know that I don’t want to invest in the game as of right now,¬†because¬†after this Phase, there will be a server wipe, goodbye all progress. I’m thinking of getting my character to lvl20 so I can do the Company quest. By completing this quest, I can talk to specific NPC which will instantly level me to lvl15 (this is a beta only feature) for any classes which is not (one NPC per class). By doing this, I will be able to try out dungeon as a tank and healer, so I can have an idea on what I want to play as my main during Open Beta. I hope my dad won’t be using much of the internet so I don’t lag while in dungeon. And with Duty Finder, which is FFXIV equivalent of Dungeon Finder, coming out during this Phase (likely not at the start), finding a party will be much easier and faster.


My plan right now for Open Beta, I plan to start off in Ul’dah as a Gladiator, which once I reach lvl15, I will be able to tank dungeons. Before starting on dungeon, I intend to grab every other classes as I will obtain the Airship ticket, than focus on Gladiator, Conjurer, and Musketeer. One of each role, Tank, Healer, and DD, and armor type, Heavy, Light, and Medium. Not sure about crafting and gathering classes, I intend to learn them them all, but I don’t know which one to focus on, though gathering will be leveled while I’m leveling my main class.

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming FFXIV: ARR Beta Weekend?

  1. Hmm, this post is making me think about the game as a legitimately viable future MMO competitor. Personally I’ve been rooting for WIldstar myself but hopefully I can give this a crack

    • My opinion, I think this game is going to be a lot like EVE Online community wise. There will be a strong community, but most of what it’s offering, other MMO already has. FFXIV has 2 strong point, Job System and Story. I believe Wildstar will likely be more successful as it’s aiming to have WoWs’ strong point, but even still maybe under 1 million players, I predict FFXIV to have about 600-800k player as PS3 will bring wider audience to the game.
      I’m also waiting to try out Wildstar, haven’t got a beta invite yet.

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